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Grandma's 70 bday

Yesterday my Grandma became 70 Yeas old. So we celebrate her birthday in a restaurat in our town ... i think there were about 100 people .. and i just knew a few of them. The funny thing was, that nearly everyone asked my mother where i am xD ... They just know me with blond hair so everyone was asking .. who this black thing there? Also my family ( especially my cousins) asked me why i only were black things .. I DON'T !!! Ok ... Most of my clothes are black... but i would really like to wear more colourful things ... but i think i look to fat in it xDDD ....Soo ... today my ( i think) 1000st diat starts xDD And till now i'm very good i didn't eat 5 yogurts and 3 ice MAYBE 'm able to loose 20 phound ... PLS JESUS HELP MEE .. ok i don't think that i make it ... but hope dies last !

Tell u soon more about my boring life, the 1000st diat and the chairs in school xD

byebye Anna

p.s. omg i hope ur able to read what i rode here (<-- o.O) But i think my English gets better ... in our English lesson today .. i was able to tell the class what upload means .. IN ENGLISH !!! i'm sooooo goood xD

13.8.07 18:24

School starts again

Since three days we have school again in NRW and it is so boring. Since this year a lesson takes 60 min. and not 45 so it seems like a lesson never ends.. but this also has it's good sites .. cause we have only 4 up to 5 lessons a day .. so I'm sometimes back at half past twelve !! And we have so cute new tables and chairs xD .. Every pupil has his own table now and they are three-cornered and the chairs look like they are from IKEA. Soo ... i don't want to talk about school anymore xD

I take a shower and go to sleep .. byebye Anna

8.8.07 21:14