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Grandma's 70 bday

Yesterday my Grandma became 70 Yeas old. So we celebrate her birthday in a restaurat in our town ... i think there were about 100 people .. and i just knew a few of them. The funny thing was, that nearly everyone asked my mother where i am xD ... They just know me with blond hair so everyone was asking .. who this black thing there? Also my family ( especially my cousins) asked me why i only were black things .. I DON'T !!! Ok ... Most of my clothes are black... but i would really like to wear more colourful things ... but i think i look to fat in it xDDD ....Soo ... today my ( i think) 1000st diat starts xDD And till now i'm very good i didn't eat 5 yogurts and 3 ice MAYBE 'm able to loose 20 phound ... PLS JESUS HELP MEE .. ok i don't think that i make it ... but hope dies last !

Tell u soon more about my boring life, the 1000st diat and the chairs in school xD

byebye Anna

p.s. omg i hope ur able to read what i rode here (<-- o.O) But i think my English gets better ... in our English lesson today .. i was able to tell the class what upload means .. IN ENGLISH !!! i'm sooooo goood xD

13.8.07 18:24

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