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Hello, my name is Anna and i'm the owner of this Site.

First I just want to tell you somthing about me 

So, I'm 14 years old and I life in a small town named Greven in Germany. Currently i go to the Gymnasium Augustinianum in your town. ohh yes .. SCHOOl... and this is the reson why i make this blog here, to lern English So, ( you se ) my English is so miserable .. i hpe you understand something xD ... The most important things in my life are my Friends .. I love them so much :-* I also like my PC his name is HANS xD .. YES my pc has a name .. call me crazy but my pc is so much important for me But i don't sit always on hans , i really like playing football, hearing musik, go shopping and just hang out with my girls. So if you want to read my blogs .. DON'T DO IT !!! Cause my life is soooooo boing

bye, ANNA Image and video hosting by TinyPic